IMMJ Systems – the electronic document management system (EDMS) provider for the NHS, has rebranded to Mizaic, as the company gears up to double the size of the business over the next three years, the company said in an exclusive to Digital Health. 

The healthtech firm has also secured a £1.8m investment from strategic investor Foresight and existing shareholders, to accelerate Mizaic’s vision to revolutionise the clinician : patient experience at the point of care.

Already home to more than 1 billion scanned images, and counting, Mizaic’s renowned product MediViewer is the EDMS of choice for more than 80,000 healthcare professionals and 16 million patients throughout the UK  

Having redefined not just the company’s name, but also its visual identity, mission, and proposition in the market, Mizaic’s CEO Jon Pickering is preparing the rapidly growing team to support an additional 20 trusts over the next three years.

This represents the potential to transform another six million structured, paper-based medical files, into indexable, informative, insightful and instant records, which provide a complete, connected picture of patients’ health.

Pickering, who joined a newly-formed senior leadership team in late 2022, said: 

“While MediViewer has established a phenomenal reputation among trusts in only seven years, we knew we were only scratching the surface of what’s possible, and needed, when it comes to the digitisation of the NHS.”

“So as we looked ahead to ‘what’s next’, we knew this was an opportunity to take our business from a hungry start-up to an innovative, yet established enabler of change. 

 “We have thoroughly researched everything from the competitive landscape, to our Trusts’ evolving needs, and of course, the opinions of the people who make everything happen, our staff,” he said.

“And we soon realised this project was about much more than a new identity for IMMJ Systems. It presented an opportunity to really boost the efforts of the healthtech ecosystem too.  

“This is a complex environment, but with many colleagues having come from an NHS background, it’s a world we understand, in depth,” he added.

“So if we’re to drive much-needed EDMS adoption, and ensure MediViewer slots seamlessly into as many trust workflows as possible — we needed to make the picture clear. This is what Mizaic is all about. The same great team, but even more potential.”  

Mizaic Chairman Graham Ridgway added: “We have a solid platform from which to invest across the business, in everything from software development to the strength of our company’s world-class services team.

“This means we can extend our NHS and private health sector coverage, while also better supporting the needs of our valued customers.”