The first-ever Pitchfest winner, Testcard is saving Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust time, money and lives with its innovative technology that turns any mobile phone into a clinical grade scanner.

The Testcard ClearScreen app immediately records patients’ test results digitally and then transmits them to the electronic patient record (EPR) in seconds, giving clinical teams the results in real-time.

This type of testing would previously have been laboratory-based, with results taking between four and 24 hours to be processed and recorded.

Initially, London’s St Thomas’ Hospital piloted the ClearScreen app in its emergency department for 12 months, alongside lateral flow testing for Covid-19.

Following the pilot Guy’s and St Thomas’ found that the recording of lateral flow Covid-19 results to the patient record rose from 30% to 95%. In addition, it was able to prevent possible hidden transmission events by identifying three to four asymptomatic A&E admissions each day.

Using the lateral flow tests and the ClearScreen app helped to improve the patient flow in the department, and it also reduced repeat testing by 75% thanks to results being made available in the patient record immediately.

Dr Rahul Batra, deputy director for the Centre for Clinical Infection and Diagnostics Research at Guy’s and St Thomas’, said: “This solution in the emergency department allowed for timely diagnosis, decreased isolation room use, and improved result reporting, thus leading to safer patient flow throughout the hospital.

“It also meant we have now moved the whole testing process from the central lab right into triage, thus providing a test and result at first point of patient care.”

The success of the pilot prompted the introduction of a rapid dual test, combined with ClearScreen’s capabilities in recording results to help tackle the tricky winter season.

The test is a dual lateral flow device that screens for both Covid-19 and influenza A and B, using a single nasal swab. The swab is then scanned and reported using the ClearScreen app.

Developed and manufactured by SureScreen Diagnostics Ltd, the dual flu and Covid test is the first to pass the UK Health Security Agency’s Coronavirus Test Device Approvals (CTDA) process.

Elmer Monster, chief executive officer at TestCard, said: “TestCard is going to transform the way the NHS does testing. The pilot at Guy’s and St Thomas’ shows that ClearScreen has the potential to help NHS trusts save money, time and lives.

“It cuts repeat testing, offers speedier and more accurate results and cuts the admin of healthcare professionals so they can spend more time looking after patients. Just as important, it improves patient flow so they can be seen and treated quicker.”