Eden Primary Care Network has selected health tech start-up Aide Health to further help patients living with long-term conditions such as asthma, type 2 diabetes and hypertension to manage their health.

Located in rural Cumbria, Eden PCN is a group of 10 GP practices in Eden supporting 54,000 registered patients and providing healthcare to some of the most remote communities in the North West.

With the NHS facing unprecedented challenges including increasing waiting times to see a GP, Eden PCN’s partnership with Aide Health is set to improve the efficiency of GP appointments and provide more support with less clinical time by helping people manage long-term health conditions at home.

Eden Primary Care said: “We are excited to be working with Aide to give our patients, especially those in more remote areas, the opportunity to use technology to improve the way they manage their long-term health condition.

“We hope that it will help to enhance the lives of patients living with asthma, diabetes and hypertension across the Vale of Eden, whilst also increasing their knowledge of these conditions and confidence in managing them successfully”.

Using natural language, Aide has short, daily conversations with patients to help them optimise their medicines use, track their health, and improve their knowledge of their condition.

The platform is designed to help shared decision-making between the clinician and patient with real-world patient data and eventually reduce the need for unplanned visits to the GP.

Ian Wharton, founder and CEO of Aide Health, said: “Having grown up in the North West and studied in Cumbria, I’ve seen first hand how rural communities have different requirements when it comes to healthcare infrastructure.

“This partnership with Eden Primary Care is a very exciting step in Aide’s journey and I’m excited to bring our technology to those who need it the most.”

This partnership follows Aide’s collaboration with Suffolk Primary Care, where it is supporting those living with asthma across the PCN that supports over 130,000 patients.