Accurx has integrated its batch messaging and batch florey features to the NHS App, empowering patients to manage their own health.

The integration follows a successful three-month trial with 42 GP practices, and now means that over 51 million patients are able to securely and reliably view messages and important documents sent from their GP practice.

The batch messaging feature enables GPs to send the same message or documents to a large cohort of patients – for example, updating them on seasonal opening hours or sending a questionnaire to gather data for annual reviews.

If patients already have the NHS App downloaded and notifications turned on, any batch messages or batch florey (patient questionnaires) sent from their GP via Accurx will automatically be sent to the App with a push notification. If the message isn’t read within three hours then it will also be sent as an SMS message too.

For patients without the App, or those who have notifications switched off, the message will be sent via SMS automatically. The message can also be read in the NHS App as well, even if notifications are switched off.

Jacob Haddad, CEO and co-founder of Accurx, said: “Today’s launch will go a long way in supporting NHS England’s Primary Care Recovery Plan aims to empower millions of patients, by directing them to the NHS App where they can take more control of their care.

“Now, patients will have another trusted route to contact, and be contacted by, their healthcare provider. It’s an exciting step towards quicker, easier primary care access.”

By March 2024 NHS England’s Primary Care Recovery Plan would like to have 90% of GP practices empowering patients to manage their own health, by enabling them to view their records and messages using the NHS App.

The integration comes less than a year after Accurx integrated its online consultation tool, Patient Triage, with the NHS App, allowing patients to submit medical or administrative queries to their practice.

Haddad continued: “We’re also pleased to continue our work with the NHS App team, since the integration of Patient Triage last year.

“We’ve collaborated closely on this latest integration and have worked hard to ensure all patients will receive the same quality of care, in parallel to traditional access routes.”