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👩‍⚕️ Nurses are at the heart of health and care, playing a pivotal role across diverse settings and working as key members of a person’s health and care team. With care provided by so many team members in different settings, information about the person is key and standardisation is a key tool to empower nurses to provide the best possible care, benefiting patients and the entire health and care system. It is estimated that nurses spend more than 25% of their time on administration and looking for documentation to inform care. The PRSB’s Nursing Care Needs Standard reflects best practice and standardises documentation across different nursing settings, helping free nurses from the administrative burden of repetitive data entry and giving them more time to provide care. It also helps people and their families avoid having to ‘tell their story’ repeatedly. 

 ❤ AI company Orbital Global has announced that it is a member of a new Horizon Europe research and innovation consortium, which aims to personalise prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Led by Novo Nordisk and Maastricht University, the ‘iCARE4CVD’ (individualised care from early risk of cardiovascular disease to established heart failure) consortium is formed of 33 leading international partners from civil society, academia, and industry. 

🔬 Paige, a company that produces end-to-end digital pathology solutions and clinical AI applications that assist in diagnosing cancer, announced today that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Breakthrough Device Designation for Paige Lymph Node, an AI application used to detect breast cancer metastases in lymph node tissue. Paige Lymph Node is the first AI application of its kind to receive Breakthrough Device Designation from the FDA. 

🖥 Better Health is stepping into the Indonesian market, together with PT Daya Medika Pratama, an innovative Indonesian IT company specialising in hospital information systems. The collaboration will extend the DMP’s hospital information system into the clinical domain, incorporating a robust clinical data module on top of the Better digital health platform based on openEHR, powered by low-code tools. 

 👁️‍🗨️ BSF Enterprise has announced the creation of its new lab-grown cornea company, Kerato Limited. Kerato, which will form part of BSF’s growing portfolio, will seek to accelerate the transition of 3DBT’s advanced corneal products into clinical trials, as well as address the growing industrial demand for these products. 

Did you know that? 

According to data from Atlas VPN team, 87 million patients in the United States had their information breached in 2023. That is more than twice as much as last year when 37 million people had their data exposed. 

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The rapid advancement of AI means computer systems are now capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making and translation between languages. But what do those capabilities mean for nurses? How should they approach AI in clinical practice? Should they have a voice in the selection and purchase of AI systems? How might they encourage fellow nurses who may have fears about AI? Healthcare IT News sat down with Anna E. Schoenbaum, DNP, RN-BC, vice president of applications and digital health at Penn Medicine/University of Pennsylvania Health System, to find out. 

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27 October, in London, International Conference on Telerobotic Surgery and Surgery Procedures (ICTSSP)