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👇 News 

🤝 NHS England has approved plans to fully delegate the commissioning of appropriate specialised services to integrated care boards (ICBs) in the East of England, Midlands and North West from April 2024. Joint commissioning arrangements in other regions will continue for a further year. This will enable more joined-up care for patients with a focus on population health management (PHM) and tackling health inequalitiesFind out more. 

🆕 The Introduction to the Population Health Management (PHM) e-learning programme has been updated to further upskill health and care professionals. Developed with NHS England and partners, the learning shares how to get started on PHM, core capabilities, intelligence tools and practical examplesAccess the programme. 

🚀 Sticking with population health management, Zyter|TruCare, a leader in healthcare technology solutions, has announced the launch of TruCare Mobile, the cornerstone of its 10.2 Release. This development marks a significant step in PHM, emphasising the company’s commitment to reshaping the landscape of digital healthcare and advancing value-based care. The 10.2 Release, complemented by software enhancements, affirms Zyter|TruCare’s dedication to transformative change in PHM.   

💪 Dedalus, the leading healthcare and diagnostic software provider in Europe, has adopted CAST Highlight in just a few weeks, enabling automated, fact-based control of open-source risks across their application portfolio, without disrupting developers. The company’s group chief technology officer Daniel Becker recognised the need for a robust solution to oversee diverse technologies and prioritise actions for a sustainable technology transformation program. With CAST Highlight’s deployment across 50-plus strategic applications, Dedalus gained a comprehensive ‘control tower’ view of their software, including insights into open-source software (OSS) security risks, licensing issues, and intellectual property exposures across more than 2,000 components. 

💉 NHS England has published the new NHS vaccination strategy, highlighting the role of digital services, a national vaccination data record and the NHS App in promoting access, uptake, and delivery. Bringing together all vaccination programmes, the strategy aims to “start a conversation, within integrated care boards (ICBs) and the wider health and care system, about how we can use vaccination to deliver holistic, person-centred, preventative care via flexible teams that span primary and community care as well as other sectors”. The new strategy has three priority areas: improving access including an expansion of online services, providing vaccine delivery in “convenient local places” with targeted outreach to support uptake in underserved populations, and developing a “more joined-up prevention and vaccination offer”. 

Did you know that? 

The Digital Health Market is projected to reach a value of USD 563.59 billion in 2027. The significant rise in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) within the market stands as a significant driver for the growth of the global digital health market.   

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AI-Enabled Prescription Digital Therapeutics Should Be An Investment Priority To identify true growth opportunities, investors must consider how companies are using AI to revolutionize the treatment journey. Some companies are doing just that via Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), particularly by developing prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs). 

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