A new partnership between Curam and Doctify aims to build trust and transparency in the care sector by using patient-verified views as part of the carer selection process.  

With a focus on patient-centric feedback, the partnership will address the critical need to improve patient experiences. The King’s Fund says only 14% of households are currently satisfied with the care service they receive.

Doctify, a global platform for patient reviews of health and social care, provides quick access to genuine, independent and verified reviews of carers. This will enable users to find the right carer to suit their needs to provide at-home care. They can then click through to Curam to connect with the carer.

Reviews are anonymised and based on the experiences of other patients. By connecting with verified carers on Curam, users gain control over their choice of carer and can form consistent, trusting relationships with those caring for them. In addition, Curam’s self-employed carers can earn around 50% more, than if they were employed through a care agency.

The new partnership will ensure patients looking for a carer have more choice and improved confidence in the quality of care.

Patrick Wallace, director of Curam said: “The cornerstone of care is the patient. But the UK’s care sector currently doesn’t reflect that, with the demand for fast, high-quality care far outweighing the supply. We’re on a mission to transform care into a sector that’s truly patient-centric and offers more rewarding careers for carers too. With our partnership with Doctify, we are providing even more transparency and confidence to patients and their families that they are receiving quality, personalised care.”

Subhash Mishra, VP business development at Doctify, added: “Patient experience expectations continue to rise in the care sector. The sector must prioritise trust and transparency by putting the patient at the centre. We work with 32,000 healthcare providers to achieve this and are delighted to join forces with Curam.

“Through our partnership, we ensure that carers have access to meaningful feedback, strengthening their understanding of patient needs and improving their experiences while patients can find carers they feel confident in.”

Patient feedback can be a real driver for change. Back at the end of 2022 we saw NHS Wales implement the Civica Experience Wales system, enabling health boards and trusts in Wales to collect real-time feedback from patients for nation-wide quality care.