OMRON Healthcare today announced the acquisition of Luscii Healthtech, a fast-growing scale-up in the field of digital health and remote consultation service platforms. Since OMRON’s seed investment in 2018, the two companies have collaborated closely, sharing knowledge and experience in the development of digital health.  

As a digital-native company, and pioneer in smart remote care, Luscii cultivates a unique culture for innovation and agile philosophy allowing them successfully to address the complex and rapidly changing demands of healthcare systems.  

Luscii provides a fully customisable platform and app for care at home, catering to over 150 diseases, including those affecting chronic hypertensive, cardiovascular, and respiratory patients.

As the market leader in the Netherlands, where Luscii collaborates with approximately 70% of the country’s hospitals, the platform also extends its presence to other markets, including the UK, Germany and various other countries in Europe and Africa.

Luscii’s integrated care network approach seamlessly connects various healthcare stakeholders, including general practitioners (GPs), hospitals, community care, and virtual ward call centers.  

Through this interconnected system, Luscii achieves remarkable outcomes, including an 81% reduction in unplanned admissions for heart failure patients1, a 79% reduction in ultrasound examinations and admissions for gestational hypertension patients2 and a 51% reduction of costs in patients with COPD3.

By leveraging data and fostering collaboration, healthcare providers are empowered to monitor and guide patients remotely, saving them time while ensuring better engagement and improved health outcomes.  

In November, the Integrated Digital Service, which sits across the Leeds City Council and NHS West Yorkshire ICB,  teamed up with Luscii for a remote technology trial to help reduce the number of GP and hospital appointments for people living at home with long-term conditions. 

Developing comprehensive services 

OMRON Healthcare is committed to developing life-saving cardiovascular health technologies in pursuit of our Going for Zero vision” which aims to eliminate heart attacks and strokes, said André van Gils, senior general manager global sales & marketing HQ of OMRON. “As part of our long-term vision, we commit to expanding the business to digital health services; this acquisition is another significant contribution to that objective.”  

The acquisition is also driven by OMRON’s desire to establish a strong presence in the UK and European remote patient monitoring markets, an OMRON spokesman said, adding that the combination of both companies should result in the development of highly competitive RPM solutions. OMRON Healthcare offers products and services in over 130 countries. 

“It’s been our dream for every patient to get the attention they deserve” says Prof. Daan Dohmen, CEO and founder of Luscii. “Benefiting from OMRON’s global network we can expand faster and realize our ambition even faster.” 

Luscii’s proven capabilities to develop highly regarded medical apps and health platforms combined with OMRON’s insight into the primary care remote patient monitoring market will enable Luscii to further develop their solutions to support healthcare professionals, ranging from general practitioners to hospitals, within a single platform, the OMRON spokesman said.

Luscii has applications for 150 diseases and research has already shown that large-scale care is essential to make remote care profitable.