Danish healthcare provider Vitao, has signed a deal with US online appointment bookings firms E-Ceptionist that will allow Vitao’s customers to schedule and manage their health appointments over the Internet.

Using the E-Ceptionist service, Vitao’s customers will be able to use the Internet to schedule appointments with healthcare providers within the Vitao network and within client’s managed care network.

The E-Ceptionist service allows users (administrators, doctors and patients) to schedule appointments in real-time over the Internet as well as to manage the processes triggered by an appointment.

The service is secure and encrypted with the privacy of patient information protected.

Vitao’s corporate customers who will use the services include private companies and insurance firms in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, among them insurance giant Skandia.

"E-Ceptionist will allow Vitao’s customers to schedule and manage their health care and wellness appointments over the Internet in real-time," said Mr. Kim Jensen, Vitao’s president and chief executive officer.

The Vitao service already allows users access to healthcare and wellness providers together with online e-health services.

Wellness services that will be scheduled through E-Ceptionist include physical therapy, weight control seminars, health checks, exercise classes, vaccinations and smoking cessation.

Vitao is currently active in Denmark and will be operative in Norway, Sweden and Finland later this year, with expansion in other European countries planned for the future.

In the US E-Ception’s existing healthcare customers include: WellPoint Health Networks Inc. on behalf of its affiliate Blue Cross of California, the United States Military’s TRICARE Network and the High Plains Rural Health Network.