The National electronic Library for Health (NeLH) has opened up a new information section to support care for mothers and babies.

The new service is the result of a partnership between the NeLH and MIDIRS – the Midwifery Information and Resource Service. Midwives and pregnant women can now view or download essential information produced by the MIDIRS Informed Choice initiative directly from the e-library.

The information is presented in a comprehensive series of ten leaflets that examine the key decisions facing expectant mothers during pregnancy and is designed to help them in making informed, objective choices. Each leaflet links to corresponding publications for professionals, which aim to help midwives as they guide their clients through decisions. Both sets of leaflets are regularly updated to reflect recent research findings.

the new service forms part of the NeLH midwives portal which offers over 70 clinical resources including the NICE guidelines on foetal monitoring and the Cochrane library of systematic reviews.