The closing date for entries to European Union’s eEurope Awards for eHealth comes later this month, with the deadline falling on 21 January.

Winners of the eEurope Awards for eHealth will be announced at May’s High-Level European eHealth Conference and Exhibition, in Cork.

The goal of the awards is to help demonstrate where Europe currently stands in eHealth. The awards and event are intended to help identify the eHealth tools and services for citizens currently available, and illustrate how European citizens can benefit from such services in the future.

The awards target three specific types of eHealth project:

  • eHealth Information tools and services for citizens which focus on the provision of high quality health and wellness information which is made available to citizens electronically. These tools and services should support citizens in making health related decisions to manage their lifestyles more effectively, and empower them to take an active part in promoting and maintaining their own well-being, for example through health portals.

  • eHealth administrative support tools and services for citizens the focus of which will be on applications which allow citizens to interface with health services providers electronically in order to better support their use of health services. Such tools may be administrative, for example eBooking, or clinically related, for example ePrescription, eResults.

  • eHealth homecare and telemedicine tools and services for citizens with a focus on applications that allow the citizen receiving health care to be supported in their personal environment (whether fixed or mobile) outside the traditional healthcare facilities. Such an approach will promote the participation of citizens in their own health care as well as lead to a general improvement in the quality of life for citizens, households and families through electronic interactive tools and services such as remote ECGs, remote emergency management.

Approximately 30 selected finalists will be invited to exhibit their tools and services at the High-Level eHealth Conference and Exhibition, to be held in Cork, Ireland 5-6 May 2004.

Independent experts will evaluate the applications in order to select the exhibitors and the eventual winners. European Commissioners Erkki Liikanen and David Byrne, together with the Irish Minister for Health and Children Micheal Martin, will present the eEurope Awards for the most outstanding eHealth solutions at the High-Level European eHealth Conference and Exhibition 2004.

There are four eligibility criteria for all three eHealth awards:

  • The case must be European

  • The case demonstrates a tool or service in current use

  • At least one applicant per case is a health professional

  • The tool or service is citizen focused

Current research and development projects and pilots are therefore not eligible for the call. However, fully operational solutions that were previously supported by research programmes can be put forward for the awards.

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