Isabel Healthcare has received a £1.7m funding boost to further develop its paediatric decision support software for the US market and to finalise an adult version of the software.

Isabel, a diagnostic tool for paediatricians, uses pattern recognition to give alternative and likely diagnoses given lists of symptoms. It works with a series of medical databases and algorithms.

Dr Warren Hyer, consultant at Northwick Park Hospital, said: “The funding will see the benefits paediatric clinicians have derived from using Isabel transferred to a much wider clinical audience. The capabilities Isabel provides fill an important need in paediatric emergency medicine."

CEO of Isabel Healthcare, Jason Maude said: “This funding gives Isabel Healthcare Ltd the opportunity to better develop the tools that will help clinicians deliver care more efficiently."

Isabel was named after Maude’s daughter, who survived necrotising fasciitis when she was three. The software was developed in conjunction with Joseph Britto at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, who worked on her case.