In Practice Systems (InPS) has announced that it is to upgrade its Vision system with a free version of Point of Care, a decision support software package from DXS.

The CD upgrades will be sent out to all practices using Vision, and will also include training videos and support for all users.

A spokesperson for InPS confirmed that the Vision primary care solution provided to London through NPfIT will include the updates. "It’s part of the core Vision system. At the moment we are only rolling it out to land-based sites. In essence, it will be to all our customers."

The Point of Care system will be an optional update. "GPs have to register," explained InPS. "It’s not blanketed." InPS also emphasised that the data will be regularly updated.

"We want to offer our GPs the option of an integrated solution so they can view information the system provides that isn’t available without filing through books," InPS added.

David HInkson, sales director of InPS, said that installing the system will increase patient safety and make GPs’ lives easier: "By integrating DXS’ solution with Vision, GPs get faster access to the latest data and updates on conditions, treatments and contraindications without having to search through multiple references, so they can make faster, more informed decisions. This move adds real value to Vision and will deliver real benefits to practices." 

Point of Care uses Read Codes to identify topics pertinent to the current diagnosis, and is filtered for relevance. The information in the system includes eMIMS monographs, travel advice from the World Health Organisation and Hospital of Tropical Diseases, London, and around 1,500 patient education leaflets accredited by Centre for Health Information Quality, as well as several medical journals.

According to InPS, the upgrade will be available "immediately" for those who wish to use it.

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