iSoft Spain has installed its x-HIS hospital information system into four health centres and one hospital belonging to Portugal’s Espirito Santo Saúde (ESSAUDE) private healthcare group.

ESSAUDE, or Holy Spirit Health translated to English, has been working with iSoft Spain since 2002, and has an open formal agreement, worth €300,000 a year, to install iSoft solutions at all ESSAUDE hospitals and health centres.

The latest hospitals to go live have been the Povoa de Varzim, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Amarante, Porto health centres and the Sant’lago-Setubal Hospital, following the acquisition of the Hospor hospital network.

These centres had new x-HIS systems installed in four months, and are now running on a single x-HIS database, which provides integrated patient management, clinical and financial applications across the five centres.

iSoft Spain’s deputy managing director, Julio Bou, told E-Health Europe: “x-HIS manages patient traffic information and the connection between the different auxiliary and finance areas of ESSAUDE centres, using a single database for the five centres.

“This solution offers ESSAUDE consolidation of administrative and clinical data into a single database, reduced cost of managing multiple business systems and it also reduces the amount of information and optimises time.”

x-HIS is designed specifically for the Spanish market and allows patients’ medical histories to be managed electronically with clinical tools which provide accurate information for point-of-care tests, as well as providing access to previous diagnoses and test results.

iSoft say that within a month of go-live all five centres were using the patient administration system (PAS) in their outpatient, inpatient, infirmary, and pharmacy departments.

Last year iSoft completed projects for ESSAUDE worth €733,000 and Bou says it plans to continue working with the private health sector in Portugal.

“We will continue to work with ESSAUDE, providing the support, knowledge and experience that iSoft has in the development of international information technology applications, the main purpose of which is the improvement and optimisation of health services provided to patients and in this case, private health care,” said Bou.

“iSoft will continue to collaborate with this organisation, installing the x-HIS system in the new centres that the Portuguese group may acquire and/or set up. We are noticing that in Portugal, private health providers are committed to observing economic controls using such systems and so we want to work more with the private sector there to help them achieve this objective.”


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Joe Fernandez