The Austrian social security system, Sozialversicherung, has launched a new website to provide football fans with information on how to seek health advice in the country, during the three-week Euro 2008 tournament.

The tournament, which kicked off on Saturday, will see fans from 16 European nations, following their teams in Austria and in neighbouring Switzerland over the course of June.

Sozialversicherung’s website is available to all fans by logging onto The website is available in 34 European languages.

The website aims to ensure that all fans know how to seek healthcare advice for any potential injury or sickness they may suffer on their travels.

Questions covered on the website include will I be treated during my stay in Austria?, what is my legal insurance status?, which documents should I take with me as a precaution? And whom can I contact in Austria immediately in an emergency?

The website also includes a first aid dictionary for the most important health phrases and questions fans may have. With England not involved in the tournament “sick as a parrot” is not included in the phrasebook.

The website also features general information about the Euro 2008 tournament and the host regions in Austria (Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt).

A Sozialversicherung spokesperson said: “The guidebook is exceptionally easy to use and adapts personally to the user. Upon answering a few questions, it presents the visitor with information precisely tailored to his or her needs – and that in 34 European languages, from Icelandic to Greek, Russian to Montenegrin.

The spokesperson added: “Austria’s Sozialversicherung is the foundation of social security in Austria. It is a legally established organization without commercial interests. With the introduction of the e-card for all Austrian insured persons, the Austrian social security system has earned a leading international role in the country-wide adoption and further development of e-health.”


Austria’s Sozialversicherung