The two main European e-health bodies, EHTEL and EuroRec, have announced they will hold a joint e-health planning and management symposium on 3 November, immediately ahead of the World of Health IT (WHIT) Conference.

The event will be held the beginning of the WHIT Conference, 4-6 November, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The joint EHTEL and EuroRec symposium is intended to introduce a tool kit that will enable professionals to improve e-health leadership and governance for using ICT to strengthen clinical processes.

One of the aims of the symposium will be to provide the participants with a management reference framework for use of e-health. This will include examining the latest cross-stakeholders’ tools, models and concepts for planning, building and deploying e-health as a means for better integrated health services.

The symposium is targeted at executives and managers across Europe. This will include individuals working in ministries of health, regional health boards and hospital groups, competence centres, health insurance and health care provider organisations as well as associations representing a particular eHealth stakeholder group such as clinicians, nurses or patients.

The theoretical elements and the frameworks examined in the plenary sessions will be complemented by practical use cases. In addition there will be four moderated break-out sessions for participants to share experiences and to explore certain aspects in more depth.

The cost of the event is €250. Further details and registration can be found at: