Almost three in four doctors believe the internet has improved their clinical practice, according to a poll by a medical website. carried out a survey of more than 700 doctors to mark its 10th anniversary this month. The poll found that 72% of doctors reported that the web has definitely improved their clinical care while 93% said the internet had also ‘helped a little’ to deliver an improved service to patients.

More than 90% of UK doctors, a total of 154,000 clinicians, are registered with which the company says makes it the largest network of medical professional in Europe. More than 30,000 doctors log into the site daily which offers an email service for doctors plus a forum and interactive learning modules.

Richard Adams chief executive of, said around 10,000 doctors joined in the first year with some citing it as a life-changing experience.

He added: “For the first time doctors had professional education at their fingertips and instant access to colleagues across the country. Currently with more than 90 per cent of registered UK doctors, it has become a vibrant online community that doctors use to support each other and to access the latest medical knowledge.”

The founder of, Dr Neil Bacon, this year launched a controversial website, which enables patients to rate the care they receive from their doctors.