Digital Health wants to know what Digital Health Networks members think of the community and is currently running its third biennial survey to collect views.   

The 2023 survey is a great opportunity for community members to safely share what they really think of the online community and its software platform, Discourse, and make suggestions for how it could be even better.

The results will be reported within the Networks shortly after completion with answers kept confidential unless members specifically consent to sharing them. 

This survey is a key resource in supporting the development of the Networks.

The team are keen to understand how welcoming the online community is, how comfortable members feel with sharing their views, what they like or think the community should improve about the tools and facilities of the platform and how confident they feel using the platform.

The underlying aim of the survey is to guide developments and resolve issues over the next two years.  

The last community survey (in 2021) was extremely helpful, leading to an overhaul of the structure of the community, the introduction of the popular chat feature, and a renewed focus on diversity, ease of use, and simpler navigation.

It reinforced the value of the community, and its ongoing vital role in connecting digital health professionals across the United Kingdom in an effective and safe way.  

Digital Health Networks, which in July saw new chairs and vice chairs voted in, is an independent professional community of over 7,000 NHS IT leaders dedicated to collaboration and sharing best practices for the effective use of digital technologies and data across the NHS.

More than 90% of NHS provider organisations have members within the network, which hosts a vibrant online community and a series of events centred around the annual residential Summer Schools. 

Have your say! You can take part in the survey here.