Elsevier has announced the launch of DoctorConsult the German language version of its MD Consult clinical decision support tool.

Elsevier says the launch forms part of its focus on developing interactive clinical reference and clinical decision support (CDS) tools to new European markets.

The company says the German DoctorConsult product is the first of a series of planned multi-lingual and localised clinical information tools. Further versions of MD Consult are in development for Italy, France and Spain.

Further German-language products are promised that will be based on localised workflow solutions that improve clinician decision making and health care business performance.

The customised products are designed to meet the cultural needs of users who do not speak English as a first language, and address specific medical practice needs within different countries.

The internet-based online reference and CDS products provide users with a full range of medical information covering a variety of clinical needs. Through one integrated interface, users can access evidence-based immediately actionable ‘quick answers’ – such as Elsevier’s FirstConsult – as well as background references such as books and full text journal articles.

Elsevier says it is also developing new CDS solutions that provide treatment guidelines and best practice information; that link drug data to patient information; and enable integration of clinical content with electronic health records.

“Elsevier has been transforming CDS technology to offer a higher level of usability, primarily in the US and now more so in Europe,” said Jose Wehnes, managing director of the International Division of Elsevier Health Sciences.

Wehnes added: “By building upon our core strengths in leading content to provide information and workflow solutions, we can improve outcomes and efficiencies for both payers and providers on a country by country basis.”