University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust is to become SRC’s second biggest customer by deploying its WinScribe digital dictation system to more than 700 users.

The system will be rolled out to 200 users over the next few weeks, and to a further 550 staff by the end of May. Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is SRC’s biggest customer. It signed a contract for 800 users two years ago.

Although Birmingham is in the very early stages of its deployment, the SRC solution will provide a platform for it to streamline dictation and transcription processes. It will also provide integrated outsourced transcription services.

The software will automatically prioritise and securely distribute dictations to the most relevant transcriptionist, saving money and improving efficiency.

Chris Hart, chief executive of SRC, told E-Health Insider: “The system takes into account workloads, staff availability and the urgency of each document, saving money by using less agency staff, lowering maintenance costs and reducing document turn-around times.

“It ultimately aims to lead to better patient care, crucially by helping to deliver the 18 week referral to treatment time for patients.”

Under the terms of the agreement, SRC will also provide a range of support services ranging from implementation to customisation and training.

Secretaries will receive in-depth training, whereas clinical staff will receive simplified seminar and web based training.

Linda Mennell, the trust’s digital dictations programme manager said: “When we investigated dictation solutions we wanted more than just a tape replacement.

“We wanted a solution that was easy to use within the complex of a large, modern hospital and that would provide major improvements in the efficiency and management of the dictation and transcription process.”