French mutual insurance company, Thélem assurances, has selected Xiring to provide ‘le Point Xiring V2’ service for its network of branches.

The system will provide agents with quick access to up-to-date information stored in patients’ Vitale health smartcards, such as the National Health Insurance data, making it possible to draw up a health insurance contract immediately for their clients.

Launched in mid-2007, Xiring’s ‘le Point Xiring V2’ remote update service operated by Xiring helps keep the 48 million Vitale cards issued by the French Health Insurance fund up to date.

The French Vitale card, carried by citizens, guarantees the validity of patient administrative information. It also facilitates claim form management, speeds up the reimbursement process and lowers the costs resulting from errors and litigation.

According to Xiring the ‘le Point Xiring V2’ service is already used by more than 60% of pharmacies in France, and by many other health professionals – working in laboratories, medical testing centres, hospitals and clinics.

In order to accelerate the development of its health insurance business, Thélem assurances has decided to equip its network of branches with ‘le Point XIRING V2’ health card terminals.

Drawing up a health insurance contract requires access to information concerning the patient’s National Health Insurance data and the rights covered.

Using the ‘le Point Xiring V2’, the insurance agent can access to up-to-date information, as patients usually carry their Vitale card with them. This allows the insurer to propose and sign a contract on the spot – saving time for both the agent and the patient, who no longer needs to return to the agency with their Vitale card statement.

From the second half of 2009, the French National Health Insurance fund will gradually issue all insured persons with new generation Vitale 2 cards.

These will be sent to patients, who will then have to activate them on the National Health Insurance Network via remote update terminals such as the ‘le Point Xiring V2’. Thélem assurances branches will be referenced on the National Health Insurance Fund Website.