The Ikazia Hospital in Rotterdam has become the first Dutch hospital to purchase LabCentre, iSoft’s laboratory software application.

LabCentre, was launched in the Netherlands last year to provide a modern, scalable and full graphic laboratory information system for clinical chemical, bacteriological disciplines and blood banks.

The system was designed to support flexible workflows and improve efficiency and holds the leading market position in Germany and also has installations in Austria, Switzerland, Malaysia, Russia and Libya, among others.

Despite being launched in the Netherlands more than a year ago, the Ikazia Hospital is the first to purchase the solution.

Andrea Fiumicelli, iSoft’s chief operating officer, told E-Health Europe: “The Dutch market is limited in the number of prospects open to tender. The number of hospitals tendering for new solutions is only a fraction of the top addressable market.”

The private hospital, which has around 400 beds, will now provide a reference site for the LabCentre software in the Netherlands.

Fiumicelli added: “This is definitely a significant win for us, once we have established a product everything starts to become accelerated. Now that we have a reference site, we are expecting many more customers over the next twelve months.”

The contract also includes a replacement of the hospital’s communication server with the Rhapsody Communication Engine and delivery of BROKA, a patient and link portal from Belgium e-booking and scheduling specialists Ultragenda.

A spokesperson for iSoft said: “iSoft has a partnership agreement with Orion for Rhapsody, which is designed specifically for health and is a reliable and cost-effective tool for exchanging information.

“It is ideally suited to the national programmes in the Netherlands – such as connections to the national switch point (LSP) and unique care provider identification (UZI-pas) – which are driving demand for robust and secure solutions to integrate large amounts of patient data reliably.”