The DIDGET blood glucose meter

A pharmaceutical company has unveiled a blood glucose meter for children with diabetes that connects to the Nintendo DS and DS Lite games consoles.

The DIDGET meter from Bayer Diabetes Care links to the Nintendo DS consoles and is designed to help children with diabetes manage their condition by rewarding them for consistent testing and meeting personalised glucose target ranges.

The meter will be available in UK and Ireland and aims to reinforce testing habits by awarding children points that they can use to unlock new game levels and buy items within the game.

John Gregory, professor in paediatric endocrinology at Wales School of Medicine, Cardiff University, said the DIDGET meter could ease the tension between parent and child that testing created by adding an element of fun and rewards to the routine,

He added: “Because it is designed with children in mind, Bayer’s DIDGET meter can transform a child’s blood glucose testing experience from something they have to do into something they want to do.”

Sandra Peterson, head of Bayer Medical Care, said that until now blood glucose monitors have been created with adults in mind, adding: “This product was inspired by a parent of a child with diabetes to directly address the challenges facing kids with diabetes and their parents.”

Bayer said the DIDGET meter, intended for use by children aged five to14, would also connect to Bayer’s DIDGET World, a new password-protected web community where children will be able to spend points that they earn from consistent monitoring practices as well creating their own page. The company said the site was in development and would be available soon.

The DIDGET meter will come with Knock ‘Em Downs: World’s Fair, which includes a full length adventure game and Mini Game Arcade. Bayer said the meter would be available to buy online soon, price £29.99 including a £5 donation to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Those registering on the DIDGET website will be notified when the meter is available.