Trisoft has worked in collaboration with Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust and Health Enterprise East to develop a web browser based pre-assessment system, and interface it to its TheatreMan theatre management system.

The original software was developed by consultant anaesthetist Dr Ronan Fenton, who wanted a replacement for the paper records that were previously used at the trust.

It guides anaesthetists and nurses through patient interviews conducted faced to face or over the telephone, which gather clinical histories, current conditions, medications, vital signs and information about allergies.

It records the responses for further analysis, generates reports with risk scores that enable staff to spot any problems quickly, and minimises the risk of late cancellation by ensuring that resources and discharge requirements are identified before an operation goes ahead.

Health Enterprise East worked with Dr Fenton to find a commercial partner for the computerised pre-operative assessment. The software technology has now been licensed by Trisoft, which re-engineered it to be commercially viable.

The software now complements the company’s TheatreMan theatre management system, which is in use in 50 hospitals in the UK.

Chandu Patil, HEE senior innovation manager, software, said the new module “is a perfect example of how an everyday procedure can be revolutionised by harnessing the right technology.”

The Pre-assessment System has already been adopted by University Hospital of Wales and a number UK trusts have purchased or are considering it.