Logica has signed a deal to deliver a clinical desktop system, supplied by Orion Health, to healthcare organisations covered by the South-Eastern Norwegian Regional Health Authority.

Under the framework contract, Logica will work in cooperation with sub-contractors including New Zealand software provider Orion Health and Norwegian IT consultants, Exonor.

The three companies will work to develop an easy-to-use portal solution that will integrate existing work processes and patient data systems in the region’s hospitals. The portal will sit on top of existing systems used by the hospitals.

The first implementation will be at the Oslo University Hospitals (OUH) where the solution will be developed to support integration with clinical services such as radiology and laboratory orders and results.

The clinical desktop system is a portal-based approach that is intended to provide easier access to data services and applications for doctors and nurses. Introduction of the portal should improve the sharing of information across hospitals and improve workflows of individual organisations.

The South-East Region is Norway’s largest region, with more almost 70,000 employees across 16 hospitals, covering the health needs of almost 2.7m people.

Tor Malmo, chief executive officer of Logica Norway said: “The agreement provides us with a unique opportunity to combine Norwegian and international expertise in a project that will be of great importance to everyday lives of physicians in Norway’s largest healthcare region.”

Malmo said the new portal will enable health professionals to spend more time treating patients and waste less time searching for data.

Kristin Wieland, deputy managing director of the South-East Regional Health Authority said: “A new clinical desktop solution will gather the different records in a better way, to provide better and faster access to relevant information. This will strengthen the basis for patient care decisions, and will be an important tool for the Oslo University Hospital.”

OUH will be the first unit within the regional health authority to take advantage of the framework and work on the implementation of the clinical desktop has already begun.