TPP and CSC have announced that they are to deploy elements of TPP’s SystmOne Hospital to the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

The trust has signed a contract with CSC, the local service provider for the North, Midlands and East of England, to use SystmOne Hospital’s patient flow and bed management functionality from this month.

TPP said SystmOne would provide a complete patient flow solution for the trust, which covers three hospitals in Dewsbury, Wakefield and Pontefract.

Paul Curley, consultant surgeon and clinical director of IM&T, said: “We believe that the visual display of real-time patient alerts will help our staff to make the best treatment decisions as quickly as possible.

"The analytical tools available within the product will allow continual improvement in our ability to deliver high quality care where and when it is needed.”

TPP said the solution would enable information to be instantly accessible from a secure screen, providing at a glance and detailed views of the whole organisation.

Information will also be shared across all three sites, so bed availability can quickly be seen.

The company added that SystmOne would receive ADT messages from the trust’s patient administration system and integrate with other systems already in use in the hospital.

Jasmine Musgrave, clinical systems analyst at TPP, said it had worked closely with the the trust throughout the design process to ensure the product met its needs.

She added: “SystmOne’s patient flow solution will transform the working lives of hospital staff and improve patient care.”

TPP said Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust already uses SystmOne’s community module in several departments.

SystmOne GP is used in 60% of GP practices in NHS Wakefield and 58% in NHS Kirklees. It is also used in child health units, community and out-of-hours services.