Telehealth and telecare equipment provider Tunstall has announced the launch of its next generation suite of telehealth solutions.

Tunstall said its Integrated Care Platform will deliver assistive technology solutions to support the delivery of telehealth care between care teams and enable patients to be managed through a single user interface.

The platform will also provide a scalable solution for delivery of remote monitoring services to large numbers of patients.

The applications included in the Integrated Care Platform include the mymedic telehealth monitor to support patients with a long term condition and the icp triagemanager to enable health professionals to remotely monitor patients.

Tunstall said working in partnership with primary care and social care organisations across the UK had given it a clear understanding of the requirements to enable large-scale telehealth deployments.

Jon Lowe, UK managing director of Tunstall added: “Tunstall understands that the right solutions and processes need to be in place in order to facilitate the scalability of telehealthcare support and care delivery at home.

“icp is the foundation for transforming the way care is delivered remotely, driving best use of resources and improving patient outcomes through joined up working. This will ensure demand can be managed in a more efficient way that results in a higher quality, preventative service for patients.”

The mymedic telehealth monitor can be used by patients in their home to collect data such as blood pressure measurements and vital signs which are then automatically transmitted through Tunstall’s network within N3 to icp triagemanager.

The icp triagemanager software triages the data for clinicians to enable quick identification of those needing immediate intervention and enables sharing of information.