More GP systems will be accredited for GP2GP record transfer in the next two years, and these will include systems that use CTV3 coding, according to NHS Connecting for Health.

In an interview to update EHI Primary Care on the progress of GP2GP since the project won the intereperability prize in last year’s E-Health Insider Awards in association with BT, the agency said first of type testing for iSoft’s Synergy2 has begun in NHS Hampshire. 

The agency also expects system suppliers Microtest and TPP to progress products through GP2GP accreditation during 2011-12.

CfH said it now believes it should be possible to transfer records between Read 2 systems such as EMIS LV and INPS’s Vision 3 and CTV3 systems such as TPP’s SystmOne.

Dr John Williams, a Guildford GP and clinical lead for the project, said he had been amazed with the progress that had been made.

He told EHI Primary Care: “It is entirely reasonable that we can do two-way GP2GP with other systems using different clinical coding sets and I have every reason to think that this is an achievable aim.”

INPS’s Vision 3 and EMIS LV are the only GP systems to have received GP2GP accreditation to date, but iSoft’s Synergy2 is expected to follow, while EMIS Web is due to begin first of type piloting in NHS Heywood, Rochdale and Middleton by the end of the year.

The GP2GP project has been used for more than 1.5m record transfers anda survey conducted by strategic health authorities last year found that 70% of oractices reported time savings on the first consultation.

More than 90% of clinicians also said the presence of the electronic record with information on medications, adverse events and allergies helped improve clinical decision making and patient safety.

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