Motorola has launched a new healthcare specific mobile device at eHealth Insider Live 2010 that is powered by Advanced Health and Care’s iNurse.

The Es400 enterprise semi rugged handheld has been integrated with the mobile nurse platform, iNurse.

This allocates incoming cases to a community task worker and makes caseloads available to staff throughout the day so they are equipped with case information and schedules.

Cases can be updated, synchronised, redated or reassigned with Adastra either over the network or when the PDA is docked.

The device also links visiting schedules to a voice guided satellite navigation system to allow workers to find their way to appointments.

The companies say this should reduce the amount of time staff spend getting lost and allow them to calculate mileage expenses automatically.

Motorola says research has shown that more than 85% of consumer products fail when used for professional applications, compared to 18% of durable devices.

Graeme Woodcock, head of Motorola’s healthcare division in the UK and Ireland, told E-Health Insider: “This is different to anything else on the market because it has a Windows mobile front end.

"This makes it so easy to use and also makes it easy to connect to NHSmail, unlike many other applications. It’s also an integrated solution so it’s more than just an app on a device.”

The Es400 also has built in health and safety software which allows users to set up an ‘amber alert’ to confirm their current location and pending task ahead of a visit.

If the worker presses a dedicated panic button, the device is connected to a dedicated response team who can record all sound at the scene.

Julie O’Connor, business development manager for iNurse added: “With pressures on primary care trusts to deliver efficiency savings it’s becoming increasingly evident that mobile working can save time and money."

Link: Motorola