Healthcare IT supplier TPP has announced that clinicians can now report adverse drug reactions direct from its SystmOne software.

The company said its integration with the yellow card scheme run by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority means clinicians can now send a completed card from within SystmOne.

TPP said this means GPs will no longer need to access the MHRA website and log-in to send a yellow card.

The MHRA uses the yellow card scheme to track adverse drug reactions in the UK. It has been running for 40 years and the MHRA receives more than 20,000 reports of possible adverse drug reactions every year.

June Raine from the MHRA said: “Integration of yellow card reporting into this system will save GPs time when reporting and allows information to be quickly shared with the MHRA for effective drug safety monitoring.”

The SystmOne software will automatically ask clinicians if they want to complete a yellow card when they record a new sensitivity.

The yellow card will be populated with the name of the recently prescribed drug plus any other medications the patient is currently taking and a list of medications prescribed over the last three months.

Andrew Leece, clinical systems analyst for TPP, said the integration will save time and improve accuracy.

He added: “The integration is a vital part of the consultation process and one of many ways that SystmOne can help increase the efficiency of GP appointments.”

The yellow card functionality is available to all SystmOne users. TPP says this is the 26th partnership to take place between the company and third parties.