Intel and GE have begun operation of their joint venture telehealth company, Care Innovations. The new company will focus telehealth and independent living technologies.

The partnership combines the teams of GE Healthcare’s Home Health division and Intel’s Digital Health Group.

First announced by Intel and GE Healthcare last August the new company has begun operations

Care Innovations will provide technologies and services to help the elderly remain in their homes as well as independently in care home facilities.

In addition, the company will help people living with chronic conditions and tackle the problem of rising health care costs.

"Our vision as we launch this exciting new company is for Care Innovations to positively affect millions of people by providing innovative products and services that will enable new models of care," Louis Burns, CEO of Care Innovations, said in a statement.

"We must rethink models of care that go beyond hospital and clinic visits, to home and community-based care models that allow for prevention, early detection, behaviour change and social support," Paul Otellini, Intel’s president and CEO, added.

According to market forecasters Data Monitor the US telehealth and home health monitoring markets are expected to reach $7.7 billion by 2012.

Core products under the Care Innovations umbrella will include Intel Health Guide, Intel Reader and GE QuietCare.

The Intel Health Guide is a remote-management platform that combines Intel’s Health Guide in-home patient device and Health Care Management Suite software.

The GE QuietCare System consists of wireless, camera-free sensors and analysis software to detect elderly residents who need assistance.