More than 100 SystmOne practices are receiving NHS 111 messages directly into their clinical system.

TPP has been accredited by Connecting for Health to receive messages from the new urgent care telephone advice line NHS 111.

GP practices are made aware that their patient has called 111 almost instantly via a task into SystmOne.

This is done using the Interoperability Toolkit Version 2.0 whereby practices receive the task that has been sent via a Clinical Document Architecture message by the 111 service.

The message includes demographic details, a summary of the case and the name of the NHS 111 call handler.

Messages sent via ITK are much faster than the Data Transfer Service, allowing GPs to deal with tasks more promptly, a TPP statement says.

Each 111 call results in a code which corresponds to the action a patient is recommended to take, depending on their answers to a set of pathway questions.

Task rules can be set up so certain codes are always sent to certain users, such as all staff in the ‘Doctors’ group.

These messages also work with SystmOne’s document management functionality.

Optical character recognition can highlight important information detailed in the triage and add this straight to the patient record if the clinician chooses, says TPP.

A pilot phase has been completed and more than 100 SystmOne practices have the functionality.