A Harley Street clinic is introducing an online portal called FetView to share ultrasound images, reports and video with pregnant patients.

Fetview allows specialists to create examination reports from data and images automatically transferred from an ultrasound device, which can then be shared with patients, who access them via an online account.

Doctors can also share the reports with colleagues in order to collaborate on a patient’s care.

The software was introduced in Germany in 2013 and is entering the UK market, starting with Queen’s Clinic on Harley Street in London.

Consultant gynecologist and obstetrician at the clinic, Ahmed Ismail, said FetView will be introduced over the next fortnight.

When patients open their account, they will see a folder with shared images and a folder with shared reports of their examinations. He will also soon begin to share videos recorded by the ultrasound machine.

He said the “easy-to-use modern system” includes everything necessary with regards to the creation of examination documentation and the ability to easily cooperate on a patient's case with colleagues from all over the world. 

“I can use FetView purely for the practice purposes, however, the possibility to share the images and reports with patients is too beneficial not to be used,” he explained.

“There is no need to print the images because they can be shared by one click. That allows patients to comfortably access them in a high quality from anywhere anytime.

“In addition, they have constant access to the most important examination documentation.”

Ismail said this could be particularly useful in situations such as a pregnant woman who is on holiday and needs to visit a local specialist because of an emergency.

“By having the documentation available anytime, the local specialist can make better-informed decisions about necessary treatment,” he said.

FetView will be primarily available to Queen’s Clinic patients who are pregnant and have had an ultrasound examination, but its use will be expanded for patients undergoing other types of examinations.