Care assistants have spoken and based on feedback, Bluebird Care has developed a mobile guide giving its staff access to critical information, anytime. 

The new mobile staff guide has been called a ‘tool box’ for care assistants.

The organisation is one of the UK’s largest provider of homecare services and makes an estimated 28,000 visits a day with the mobile staff guide being used by around 4000 staff members.

The guide was created and designed by Bluebird Care through workshops carried out across its 200 offices in the UK. It covers a range of topics including health and safety and what to do if a customer does not open the door.

The technology replaces a paper guide and does not require the internet which Care manager, Stacey Fallon, says is perfect for care visits that are in areas where mobile phone service is limited.

“As a manager it is reassuring to know our carers have all the information they need,” Fallon said. “It’s like they have their own tool box.

“In my opinion, if I were to give it a mark out of ten, I would give it 11.”

Fallon said since the ‘easy to use’ guide was launched in April it has proven to be popular with staff.

“One veteran carer told me ‘this is the most information I’ve ever had at my fingertips’,” she said.

“The guide’s strap line is ‘by your side’ which is exactly right. It gives carers that support they need and customers know they are in safe hands.”

Tracey Davis-Jones, a quality manager at Bluebird Care, said: “In the past staff have always had handbooks in paper format and what staff were really telling us was that they wanted something that was a lot more accessible.”

Alongside the launch of the mobile staff guide, the homecare provider has also released a video which highlights its key benefits (below).

In a similar story, Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) recently announced it was expanding a service which allows care homes to video call a hospital when a resident has a health concern.

Immedicare was initially launched in 37 care homes but it has now been rolled out to all 56 homes in the city.