Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust will implement IMMJ’S electronic document management system (EDMS) as part of a “major” transformation project that has also seen the trust sign with a new electronic patient record supplier.

Barnsley Hospital has selected IMMJ’S clinical EDMS, MediViewer, as part of a two-year digitisation effort that aims to deliver new benefits to patients and work practices.

MediViewer has been built specifically for healthcare providers and allows medical staff to digitise, store and securely share clinical documentation at the point of care.

It can be integrated with hospital EPR setups in addition to services like the NHS eReferral system and offers clinicians a complete view of a patient’s medical record.

MediViewer will be deployed under the same contract that will see Barnsley Hospital drop DXC Technologies’ Lorenzo EPR in 2020 in favour of System C technology.

The contract will see System C implement a new patient administration system (PAS), emergency and maternity department software, clinical communication and collaboration platform, electronic prescribing, order communications, results reporting and business intelligence as part of a “phased deployment.”

MediViewer will be “tightly coupled with the System C software,” according to IMMJ.

Barnsley Hospital previously said the System C EPR would deliver superior data for helping clinical staff treat patients.