Technology giant Apple has announced it is opening its Health Records application programming interface (API) to developers in the US.

The move allows US iPhone users to share their health record data with third-party apps from autumn.

Developers could use this shared medical data to personalise apps tailored for medication tracking, disease management, nutrition planning and medical research.

Apple’s Health Record, which features in the health app, was launched in the US, in January 2018.

The new feature, which was introduced during the iOS 11.3 update, allows patients of more than 500 hospitals and clinics to access medical information on their phone.

Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, said: “Medical information may be the most important personal information to a consumer, and offering access to Health Records was the first step in empowering them.

“Now, with the potential of Health Records information paired with HealthKit data, patients are on the path to receiving a holistic view of their health.

“With the Health Records API open to our incredible community of developers and researchers, consumers can personalize their health needs with the apps they use every day.”

Health Records data is encrypted on iPhone and protected with the consumer’s iPhone passcode.

When consumers choose to share their health record data with trusted apps, the data flows directly from HealthKit to the third-party app and is not sent to Apple’s servers.