NHS staff have been granted free access to a number of mental health apps to support their health and wellbeing as they work around-the-clock to treat coronavirus patients.

The apps, which include platforms to proactively improve mental health as well as sleep improvement programmes, will be freely available until December 2020.

NHS England and NHS Improvement have worked with three providers to waive costs for healthcare workers dealing with unprecedented challenges during the Covid-19 outbreak.

They include Unmind, a platform that provides a range of tools to help with stress, sleep, connection and nutrition; Headspace, a mindfulness and meditation app aimed at reducing stress and building resilience; Big Health’s Sleepio, a clinically-evaluated sleep improvement programme, and Daylight, a cognitive behavioural technique to manage worry and anxiety.

Professor Colin Espie, Big Health co-founder and professor of sleep medicine at the University of Oxford, said: “I’m honoured that Big Health is able to support our colleagues in the NHS to help safeguard their mental health during these most challenging of times.

“NHS staff are working under enormous pressure whilst also experiencing significant changes to their lives at home as a result of Covid-19.”

Chris Adams, GP and managing director of HFP Medical, added: “Covid-19 has placed a great strain on the mental health of our staff and patients. Digital solutions like Sleepio and Daylight allow us to provide instant support for those working either on the NHS frontline or from home and for those self-isolating, helping to keep people healthy during this difficult time.”

If you’re an NHS staff member interested in using one of the apps, you can access them here:

Unmind: nhs.unmind.com/signup

Headspace: headspace.com/nhs 

Sleepio: onboarding.sleepio.com

Daylight: onboarding.trydaylight.com