A Digital Health Rewired Pitchfest finalist is one of 18 digital solutions awarded up to £25,000 under the governments TechForce19 challenge.

The winners of the tech challenge, launched last month to quickly bring to market innovative digital solutions to help people impacted most by self-isolation, include an app that helps carers identify health risks, a platform that supports the homeless; and an app that supports cancer patients through treatment.

More than 1,600 innovations applied for funding through the programme. In total £500,000 was available.

Digital Health Rewired 2020 Pitchfest finalist, Feebris, was among the innovations granted funding.

The app helps carers to identify health risks and deterioration within elderly communities. It guides a carer through a 10 minute check-up, including capture of vital signs from connected medical-grade sensors.

It then uses artificial intelligence to augment clinical guidelines and personalised monitoring to help decisions on triaging health issues.

Feebris will be provided to care homes to help carers triage the day-to-day health needs of their residents during the Covid-19 pandemic, and also enhance the capabilities of remote clinicians.

Iain O’Neil, NHSX director of digital transformation, said: “The TechForce19 challenge has harnessed some of the incredible talent we have in our tech sector, to help the most vulnerable and many of the problems created by isolation lend themselves to digital solutions – we hope this process will help people take advantage of the potential that digital technology offers.

“The 18 companies we are announcing today have the potential to help a number of the key affected groups during Covid-19, including young parents, the elderly at home, and the homeless, as well as giving people tools to look after their own mental health during isolation.”

The successful solutions will receive funding to rapidly test their product over the next three weeks. Following the testing period they will be assessed to better understand the potential and scope for accelerated deployment at scale, based on evidence.

NHSX has worked with PUBLIC and the AHSN Network to run the fast-track competition for innovators.

Guy Boersma, digital and AI lead at The AHSN Network, said: “This list of solutions is testament to the talent being harnessed to address the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis.

“The health and care sector has already seen many solutions being deployed to support vulnerable citizens with mental health needs or other specific conditions, and the pandemic makes it even more necessary that we address the needs of citizens unable to access face-to-face care or even their usual social networks.

“We are delighted that we have a series of solutions which can be piloted and then scaled to address these pressing needs.”

The full list of successful bidders
  1. Feebris – an app that helps carers to identify health risks and deterioration within elderly communities
  2. Chanua/Neurolove – a platform that to support young people with mental health
  3. Peppy for new parents – a digital solution that helps parents-to-be and new parents remotely access trusted, convenient advice
  4. Team Kinetic – a platform that helps organisations better manage community-led volunteer programmes
  5. Vine Health – an app to support cancer patients and their loved ones during treatment
  6. Beam – a digital platform that supports the homeless and vulnerable
  7. Alcuris Memohub – a digital platform that prolongs the independence of elderly or vulnerable people, enabling them to return to home quicker, from hospital discharge using sensors
  8. Ampersand Health – an app that helps people with long term, immune mediated diseases live happier and healthier lives
  9. Aparito – a remote monitoring system focused on patients with rare diseases
  10. Birdie – a digital platform for home care agencies to better manage the care they provide. Through an easy to use app, care workers capture daily visit logs, and a central hub allows staff to track real-time information.
  11. Buddi – an app enabling people to stay in touch with those they care for
  12. Just Checking– an activity monitoring solution used by local authorities to help with assessment of older people in their homes, for social care
  13. Peopletoo/Novoville – have been selected to launch GetVolunteering, a volunteering app to fast track volunteers into clinical and non-clinical roles to support the fight against Covid-19
  14. RIX Research & Media – a toolkit that provides highly accessible and secure social networking that serves as a support network for people with learning disabilities and mental health challenges
  15. Simply Do – selected to develop a virtual community of NHS medical professionals currently in self-isolation. These employees have significant expertise, experience and skills which can be unlocked virtually to help solve Covid-19 care challenges set within the platform
  16. SureCert – a digital platform that connects people with job and volunteering opportunities
  17. VideoVisit – a tool that allows the elderly to communicate with their family members and home care providers through a virtual care tablet designed specifically for elderly
  18. Virti – a platform that aims to make experiential education affordable and accessible for everyone using virtual reality and AI