East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) has rolled out Docobo’s patient monitoring system to enhance patient care and reduce demand on the local care economy. 

The Doc@Home solution has been introduced in Community Health Newham (CHN), which is part of the trust.

The team at ELFT is leading the rollout to more than 250 patients with cardiac, diabetic and respiratory issues.

The solution will allow these patients to be monitored from home via devices such as thermometers, pulse oximeters, weighing scales and blood pressure monitors.

Led by an AHP and nurses, the team at ELFT manage a digital health hub which monitors patients’ observations which consist of both vital signs and symptoms.

Raguraman Padmanabhan, clinical and operational service Lead, ELFT, said: “Demands on the health system were a challenge before Covid-19 and now with the current climate, GPs and health care professionals are wanting to use more telehealth monitoring to enable them and the whole NHS to provide high quality care to patients more efficiently.”

Adrian Flowerday, managing director of Docobo added: “It’s very pleasing for us at Docobo to be able to help ELFT.  Remote patient monitoring makes sense for everyone and enables the NHS to cope with increasing demands in out-of-hospital care.”

The east London trust joins Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) which, in January 2018, awarded a three-year contract to Docobo to scale up its telehealth services in the area.

The clinical hub supports around 900 patients at a time, with some 5,300 patients having benefited from the programme in total.