An online system which supports healthcare organisations to manage the delivery of vaccines has been deployed across Cornwall to aid the delivery of the Covid-19 vaccine.

VDT was developed by Cornwall-based software company Tango3, in partnership with Cornwall Council, NHS Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group and the Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust.

The software system, which went fully live in December 2020, provides online tools to manage appointment schedules, complete online bookings and record attendance for vaccinations.

Project lead for Covid-19 Sstaff vaccination at Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust, Simon Long, said: “Without the booking system we could never have ramped up delivery so quickly, the support from the Tango3 team has been excellent, keeping the system updated with the latest requirements from the government.”

The system works by providing healthcare organisations with web links that they share with staff, allowing them to access the system and book appointments that are convenient to them. As two doses are required, both appointments are booked at the same time.

The system can also be used by GPs who can send out single-use links to patients.

At the vaccination centre, the service provides a facility to check patients in and, if required, details of the vaccine used and vaccinator can also be logged. Where patients do not attend, automated follow up emails are sent, cancelling future appointments and requesting that the employee or patient rebook.

Mike Trebilcock, director of Tango3, added: “The enormity of the Covid vaccination programme requires tools that are built for scale, Excel or pen and paper are not going to provide this.

“Working closely with local partners we’ve honed and tested the system to meet this need, whilst also being simple to understand and use by staff, employees and patients. We’d love to play our part in helping to get the country out of the pandemic and support the delivery of the vaccine.”

This latest news follows the announcement that Health Call developed an online booking platform to manage Covid-19 vaccinations for NHS staff in the North East and North Cumbria.