People in Wales can now access their Covid-19 vaccination passport online from today.

The NHS Covid pass, which is also available in England, allows people to prove they’ve had both jabs when travelling abroad.

Those living in Wales who are over 16 and have had both vaccinations can access their Covid passport from 25 June.

The Welsh government is recommending digital Covid passports over a paper version and can be shown on smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Access to an NHS Covid pass requires an NHS login to ensure secure access through the NHS website. Once registered and logged in, a user can view their vaccination status and print the pass as a PDF document.

The Covid passport will also include a 2D barcode with an expiry date for security purposes. The barcode will be automatically updated when the expiry date is reached, the expiry does not relate to the Covid passport.

Those who do not have online access can request a paper version of their passport be sent to them. This can be done five days after receiving the second jab.

Matthew Gould, chief executive of NHSX, said: “After weeks of hard work and close collaboration by teams in the UK Government and Wales, I’m delighted the NHS Covid Pass service is now available to Welsh citizens.

“The service is designed to ensure both English and Welsh citizens can demonstrate their vaccination status quickly and easily for international travel.”

People who live in Wales but are registered with a GP in England may have to download the NHS App to access their Covid-19 passport. A statement from the Welsh government confirmed it “may not have access to your vaccination record” if a person is registered in England.

Government guidance states those travelling abroad will still need to adhere to the requirements of the country they are visiting, meaning a Covid passport is not a guarantee on skipping quarantine.

You can register for an online Covid pass here.

Covid passports in England

Covid passports have been available in England through the NHS App since 17 May.

The NHS App already allows users to access a range of NHS services on their smartphone or tablet, including vaccination records.

Users can check their vaccination status through the app if permitted by their GP. This applies to all vaccines.

Since the government announced it would be used to access Covid passports more than six million people have downloaded the app.

The government is recommending people register with the NHS App before booking overseas travel.

To use the app you must be registered with a GP in England. The government is recommending people register with the app before booking international travel and at least two weeks before the departure date.

Currently, the Covid-19 passport can only be used once a person has had a full course of vaccinations – that means both jabs.

The NHS App is separate from the NHS Covid-19 app which was designed specifically as a contact-tracing app.

You can find out more about Covid passports and how they work in our explainer here.