Restart and Better have partnered up with the aim to help health and care workers get easier access to real-time data.

ReStart will supply interoperability services in support of Better’s Digital Health Platform through its Interoperability Matrix, IMX – a toolkit which allows data from incumbent systems, share that data with any other system, and view it, across any care setting.

Using openEHR specifications alongside FHIR and other open standards, the data will be shared in a vendor-neutral format allowing it to be used for direct care, analysis, research, and innovation all in real-time.

Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, highlighted the importance of interoperability for the NHS in his keynote address at Digital Health Rewired 2021.

Recognising that the inability to share and access data properly is a barrier to research and improving greater patient outcomes, he commented: “Removing this barrier and separating the data layer from the application layer would enable the data to be stored separately and securely in the cloud, establishing a consistent data platform across the NHS.”

Mike Symers, managing director of ReStart, said: “With our emphasis on Open Technology – providing an open health and care ecosystems, NHS organisations can progress existing strategies while also feeling confident in their ability to react and respond both to ongoing changes in policy and technology-led challenges such as the pandemic.”

Better’s digital health platform and its low code tools environment will help trusts and integrated care systems to rapidly transform. While ReStart remains committed to helping drive interoperability within the NHS, regardless of digital maturity.

Matthew Cox, Managing Director of Better for the UK and Ireland, said: “Data is the life blood of any health care organisation and getting immediate and complete access is crucial to better decision making. To do that successfully, we are very pleased to be working alongside ReStart to help accelerate the data transformation needed.”