Tower Hamlets GP Care Group will be using Insource as its managed services partner for NHS England reporting and performance management. 

The data management provider to the NHS will automate data acquisition from EMIS and Community Services Data Sets (CSDS) commissioner reporting. Initially, it will take data from the EMIS community system that covers 33 GP practices in the borough, standardise it into a fully-validated, single source of truth and then automate the submission of (CSDS) to NHS England. 

As a result, all relevant staff will be able to access the same data, giving them better insight into how they’re performing and what improvements could be made to the service. The single version of the truth can be shared with frontline staff, such as health visitors.

Insource is providing the solution as a fully managed service on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.  

Zainab Airan, chief financial officer at Tower Hamlets GP Care Group CIC, said: “Whilst we originally brought Insource on board to extract the data from EMIS for our CSDS reporting, we rapidly realised the value of that core data for our own performance and business management.  

“The data tables from EMIS are all over the place. Insource takes that data, makes it clean and usable, and automates our monthly NHSE reporting. But now we also have near real-time activity data for our own use. We can sit our own systems, such as Power BI, on top of this unified data to get quite sophisticated analyses.” 

In July this year, Insource was also named as data partner to North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare, focusing on its data management, statutory reporting and core infrastructure upgrade programme. 

Lee Bellis, sales director B2B partnerships, Insource, said: “The GP Care Group are innovative thinkers and have some exciting plans in the offing including expanding their services and potentially linking to children’s centres.  

“But the big breakthrough here is being able to access proprietary EMIS data and making it usable, as an application-independent data source, for KPI tracking and internal performance management. This is big news for all GP and Community providers and is an obvious next step for Insource.”