A new partnership between Induction Healthcare and Patients Know Best (PKB) has been announced, which integrates Induction’s patient engagement portal (PEP), Zesty, with PKB’s personal health record.

The collaboration will help to enhance the PEP, combining the full suite of PEP functionality with Induction’s appointment capability. It will also support integrated care across ICSs where providers use different portals.

Patients will now be able to view their upcoming appointments through PKB, as well as seamlessly click through to their Induction portal via the NHS login. This will allow them to see their appointment management options, and confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments either through integrated automation or on a request process basis.

Both systems are already integrated with the NHS App, supporting patients to manage their own health and care experiences. Back in 2020, PKB became the first PHR to integrate with the app.

PKB CEO Mohammad Al-Ubaydli said:We are delighted to onboard Induction as our second PEP partner, where the complementary features in both of our platforms are used to deliver a better experience and solution for patients and healthcare organisations.

“There is so much potential for expansion in the way Induction and Patients Know Best can complement patient journeys and we are really looking forward to growing this based on customer requirements and supporting those ICBs where there are mixed economies of digital solutions across acute, primary, community providers.”

Induction already has integrations with EPR systems, including Oracle Millennium, System C and Access Rio, and the new workflow will capitalise on these, allowing for more automated processes. Induction’s Zesty portal has two-way read and write capabilities directly into leader EPR systems which is building greater workflow efficiencies for healthcare teams.

In addition, automatic registration and capture of patients’ communications and paperless preferences in the handover from PKB to Induction will support further customer programmes.

The partnership with Induction and PKB will lead to further benefits for patients and improve the experience they already receive.

Induction Healthcare CEO Paul Tambeau said: “Increasingly we’re seeing health systems looking for options that bring together portal, video and personal health record capabilities. This empowers patients to take more control over their health and wellbeing. Our partnership with Patients Know Best will bring tremendous value to the NHS.

“It is our intention to innovate beyond this first stage of integration, which, combined with our EMR and NHS App integrations, will deliver a unique offering to patients and health care providers.”