Brainomix 360 AI-enabled software has recently been endorsed by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) – which published guidance acknowledging the impact it can have on clinical decision-making for stroke patients.

Brainomix – formerly known as e-Stroke – was one of only two companies that were granted the endorsement. The move will help to expand access to life-changing treatment to more stroke patients.  The platform has now been elevated to an evidence generation framework, which allows stroke units across the UK to use the technology while further evidence is collected.

The Health Technology Assessment acknowledged that there is evidence that patients admitted to hospitals with a suspected stroke received faster and improved access to treatment after using Brainomix 360. This link will now be validated through further evidence and data on the cost-effectiveness of the platform gathered.

Dr Michalis Papadakis, co-founder and CEO of Brainomix, said: “We are very pleased to receive this endorsement from NICE, which is an acknowledgement of the critical role that our AI-powered software is playing in stroke care, helping clinicians make more confident decisions leading to more patients getting access to life saving treatments. Most importantly, this recommendation was driven by the emergence of powerful, real-world evidence demonstrating the transformative impact of Brainomix 360 on stroke treatment, mechanical thrombectomy in particular.”

A report from Health Innovation Oxford & Thames Valley (formerly known as Oxford Academic Health Science Network), revealed that the average thrombectomy treatment rate in hospitals using Brainomix 360 software was 55% higher than the national average. This equates to hundreds more patients receiving the life-changing treatment which can help them avoid the long-term effects of stroke.

Dr Kiruba Nagaratnam, consultant stroke physician and clinical lead for stroke medicine at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, added: “We welcome this latest guidance from NICE, which reflects the clinical value that Brainomix 360 brings to stroke care – which we have been seeing since we first implemented the software in March 2020.

Our recently published study showed that the implementation of Brainomix 360 not only improved our speed of treatment, but most notably, improved patient outcomes, with the number of patients achieving functional independence rising from 16% to 48%.”