IMS Maxims has announced that it has successfully installed a new Patient Management System on behalf of the Irish National Treatment Purchase Fund.

The NTPF was established by the Irish government to treat public patients who have been longest on public surgical in-patient waiting lists.

By the end of June the fund had helped facilitate the treatment of 31,493 patients across a range of surgical specialities. The objective of the fund is to focus on public patients waiting longest for surgical procedures on public hospital waiting lists and to purchase operations for them. Operations are purchased mainly from the Irish private hospital system and from abroad where necessary.

PMS is a web-based system which fully supports the day-to-day operations of the fund, including online links with the finance system and an electronic document management system.

According to IMS Maxims the new PMS system provides an end-to-end solution for tracking and managing patient cases from the initial referral to the discharge and payment of treatment. It also records the results of a patient satisfaction survey.

IMS won the contract for the new PMS system this January. A condition of the contract was that the PMS system should be developed quickly and be operational by July 2005.

Commenting on the contract, Brian Ennis, chief executive of IMS Maxim said: "I am delighted that we have achieved another on-time delivery, and within only seven months of winning this contract."

IMS Maxims specialises in the development and implementation of clinical e-health solutions, specialising in hospital EPR and enterprise-wide EHR systems. The company has installations in 24 NHS trusts and Irish health boards.