SRC has won a European public procurement to provide a trust-wide digital dictation and workflow management solution to Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

The trust, which serves the North Derbyshire area, is installing the WinScribe digital dictation solution, for use by clinical and management staff to improve medical record keeping and document production.

SRC will provide its WinScribe solution to the trust, replacing Chesterfield’s existing analogue dictation system. The company says that the move to digital dictation will significantly improve document creation workflow for the hospital’s 300-plus staff.

According to SRC the roll-out of WinScribe roll-out will save medical staff time when creating dictations by using leading technology to simplify and modernise the old labour intensive processes associated with analogue systems.

Using WinScribe medical staff dictate their medical notes or document and then dock their portable dictation device into a station. Recordings are then automatically routed to an appropriate secretary for typing.

Using the new system staff will benefit from superior sound quality and medical staff will be able to review the status of their dictations and request amendments to documents using the WinScribe network interface.

Chris Hart, SRC’s CEO described the WinScribe system as the most advanced digital dictation product in the UK healthcare market.