NoemaLife has launched a new eHealth application platform called Galileo, designed to help exchange information and share resources across the healthcare industry. 

Galileo’s eHealth application platform has been developed to provide healthcare organisations with a flexible and powerful platform to exchange information among the many people involved in patient care processes.

The new solution is based on technology developed by the Berlin-based GMD and already successfully used in over 100 hospitals in Germany, Italy and Latin America.

Galileo has been designed to help NeomaLife’s European customers deal with the increasingly complex healthcare processes, including advancements in the medical science and the need to control costs.

Using web technology, Galileo is designed to make it possible to manage the most complex inter-sector, multi-site and multi-actor processes in a seamless way, the company says.

NoemaLife’s current clients include Sana-Kliniken, one of the largest private healthcare organisations in Germany, who used Galileo in combination with Oracle Fusion Middleware technology to implement its eFA (elektronische Fallakte) project, a nation-wide clinical data and process management infrastructure.



GMD (German only)

Sana-Kliniken (German only)