The European Commission is to hold a workshop on e-health management, organised by the portal – the EC’s web service for the professional community of eGovernment, eInclusion and e-health practitioners.

The workshop will be facilitated by e-health experts and will be introduced by a high-level keynote speaker, still to be confirmed.

Three different e-health cases will be introduced briefly, before the workshop divides into three breakout sessions in which each case is explored in further detail. A number of core issues and questions will be discussed throughout the day.

Making up the three cases will be the Macro government level, centered on Britain’s NHS service, Hospital Catalonia in Spain will look at the institutional hospital level, and a separate presentation will look at the clinical to patient level, focusing on electronic patient records.

The aim of the workshop is to review IT management issues with a core focus on e-health.

It is geared to two sets of people – those with a particular interest in e-health and those with a general interest in public services and their use of information and communication technologies.

Especially welcome are health service managers and executives, public sector officials, civil servants, ICT managers, designers and implementers.

Key questions relating to e-health and IT implementation will be discussed. These are:

  • How was your e-health initiative developed, the technology chosen and taken up, and the preparation of implementation launched?
  • Who is leading the introduction, how are decisions taken, how is IT represented on the corporate board?
  • Who is participating in the implementation, how is continuous improvement managed, who is responsible?
  • Which group(s) are most resistant (if at all), how is overcoming this resistance managed?
  • If completed, what are the major lessons learned from the experience, what could have been done differently?

The event will be held in July and is free of charge. For further information and registration, please visit:


Joe Fernandez