PRIMIS+ has set up an online discussion board to raise awareness of common issues and publicise best practice amongst those using shared records.

The Data Recording board, which is receiving funding from PRIMIS’ “core budget”, is open to all PRIMIS+ facilitators and anyone who is recording or using community data. Users must first register to post comments.

PRIMIS+, which is parts of Nottingham Universities Primary Care Information Service, was set up in April 2002 as a free training and support service to help GPs and their staff to improve patient care, using the data in their clinical computer systems.

The organisation was expanded in 2005, after being awarded of a four year contract by NHS Connecting for Health.

PRIMIS+ focuses on supporting data quality facilitators employed by primary care trusts and health informatics services, who then “cascade” their skills to GPs and practice-based staff.

The organisation hopes that the new discussion board will help it to better understand the specific guidance and training materials needed to support community teams and other staff.

Issues raised on the board may also inform future guidance on the way data is entered into clinical records.

According to PRIMIS, there are no further plans to develop the service. “We will see how it goes and how popular it is,” a spokeswoman for the organisation told EHI Primary Care.

“At the moment, the logistics are being set up. We hope to advertise the service more in the future and get more people using it,” she added.